The Book

You can currently buy an ebook version of How to Write Film Essays through Kindle Direct.

512xp5vbfllYou can buy a hard copy of the book as of 12/31/16 through Amazon.

This book is a very easy to read guide for any student, from a city college freshman to an Ivy League senior. Unlike most academic writing guides, it does not take itself too seriously. I understand how difficult it can be to grasp academic writing. I also understand how hard it is to teach writing. I went through a special training course at UCLA specifically to teach incoming Freshman how to write college essays. I then taught the Freshman English Composition course numerous times. I use the knowledge I gained from training and teaching at UCLA and other Los Angeles universities to help students understand the easiest way to write essays for their film classes and hopefully get high grades.

This website serves as a companion to the book. I wanted to keep the book short and manageable. No student has the time to read a 200-page how-to-write book on top of their course load. I continually add new topics to the website and hope that students will feel comfortable making requests for new topics I might not have covered.

Please refrain from asking for a topic that is actually a paper essay you need to write. If you need help, I offer tutorial services as well. I will never write a student’s paper for them. I will, however, give students notes on their essay on how to improve their writing and their argument. This falls under tutorial services and more information can be found on the Services page of this site.