My name is Romi Stepovich and I have written How to Write Film Essays, a book which is available through Kindle Direct Publishing. I have a B.A. in Film Studies from UCSB, an M.A. in Critical Studies from UCLA and I’m a Ph.D. candidate (also known as ABD) at UCLA in Media Studies.

I taught Film Studies, Television Studies, Communication Studies and English Composition at UCLA, California State University, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles City College. While at UCLA, I took a special course in order to teach incoming Freshman how to write essays for their UCLA courses, which was required for them if they did not pass the English placement test. You would be surprised at how many students actually do not pass the English placement test. They are not all ESL students, they are students from all backgrounds, socioeconomically and academically.

While I was teaching the English Composition course at UCLA, I regretted not having taken the course earlier in my academic career. I believe it would have helped me teach my Film and TV students far more about writing essays on media and in general. This website and my book, How to Write Film Essays, is a compilation of the knowledge I garnered while teaching all my courses.

In addition to the academic writing, I have worked as a reader for several film and television companies. I have taken screenwriting and television writing courses at UCLA and UCLA Extension (a wonderful resource for older students who do not want a formal degree). I have written online Business courses for several years for online universities. And finally, I have worked as a tutor with students at UCLA and as a volunteer for homeless students. Additionally, I have worked in the film industry and as a corporate trainer and freelance writer. If there is one thing I understand, it is how to teach people from all backgrounds and assess their academic needs.

Most importantly, I was a student who had a lot of trouble learning to write film essays. Back when I was an undergrad, Film Studies was, in many ways, still in its childhood. When I took my first film class as an undergrad Business Econ major, I thought it was going to be fun, and it was until I got a C+ on my first paper. I was upset. I had taken AP English, passed the exam, and gotten a C+? Furthermore, the TA I had actually did not understand how to teach Film writing. She was an Art History major and back then, almost all of our TAs in the Film department at UCSB were from the Art History Department. And, while writing about Art is similar to writing about Film, it is not entirely the same thing.

This website and my book are designed for anyone with any background. It is written in a conversational tone because it is far easier for students to stay engaged with conversational tones that high brow academic tones. I want to help you, not frustrate you.